Bushkenheim Norwegian Forest Cats
I (Tracey) have been a Norwegian Forest Cat Breeder for 25 years, firstly in the UK and now Australia. Located North of Sydney, we breed a few litters per year.

Norwegian Forest Cat kittens are not larger than average kittens, even though they will grow to be larger than the average cat. The kittens are known to be very playful, and Norwegian Forest Cat kittens mature more slowly than most other breeds (up to 4 years), growing at a slower pace than most kittens, and staying more playful than longer. Norwegian Forest Cats live approximately fifteen to eighteen years. These are a robust and generally healthy breed of cat. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are gentle cats with kind and loving personalities. These cats might want so much of your attention that you don’t have enough time to give them all the care they would like! These cats love to be up high, and so would love it if your home provided spaces for them to jump up high onto shelves, or on top of other structures, and perch over the family keeping watch. Part of this is due to their independence because as much as they crave your love and attention, they can be fiercely independant

Stand Number: 122