At CAT FOREST, we cherish the unique bond you share with your precious fur babies, one that encompasses love, care, and respect for their innate nature.

Welcome to CAT FOREST, where every can is a ticket to joy, health, and purring satisfaction! Our premium canned cat food is a delectable symphony of high-quality and high-end ingredients, handpicked to delight even the most discerning kitty taste buds.

Picture this: deep sea caught tuna, the elegant skipjack species, weighing a perfect 2-3kg. We’ve made sure it passes the paw of approval with flying colors, tested for heavy metal content by the EU’s toughest standards. It’s so fabulous, you could easily mistake it for human-grade canned tuna!

Oh, did we mention that we’re all about sustainability too? We don’t just pick any meat source; our tuna is caught using legal fishing practices, and we proudly carry Thai dolphin protection and other sustainability certifications. As for our New Zealand-sourced ingredients, they’re sustainably certified too. Because we believe in leaving a pawprint of goodness on this beautiful planet we call home.

Stand Number: 458

Festival Specials

Join us in the whimsical world of Cat Forest, a prepare for a purrfect celebration of feline charm! And guess what? We’ve got a meow-nificent offer just for you: 25% off everything!

New Product

Say hello to our delectable Cat Puree (Tuna/Chicken)! Made with high-quality cage-free chicken and wild-caught tuna.
We’re also introducing our enchanting plant-based cat litter, crafted with love from nature’s very own waste materials. It’s eco-friendly, gentle on paws, and turns your litter box into a magical oasis!