Welcome to our cattery, where we specialize in breeding British Shorthair, including those with unique and special coloring, as well as Minut, Munchkin and Chinchilla cats.

Chiyuki Cattery is our pride and joy – a haven for all cat lovers out there! We started breeding our feline friends back in 2017, and since then, we have become passionate about creating a family-friendly environment for our precious kitties.

Located in the heart of town, our cattery boasts spacious rooms and cat enclosures that ensure our cats always feel comfortable and loved. Our feline friends enjoy plenty of natural light and fresh air, and, of course, endless hours of human interaction and playtime.

At Chiyuki, we believe that every cat deserves the best possible care and attention. We handpick the best breeds of cats and carefully select their partner to bring about healthy, majestic kittens that we love to share with our customers. We offer a variety of cat breeds, each one as adorable as the other.

Stand Number: 114