Crownjems Persians are a boutique cattery breeding quality bi-colour and van persians (any colour plus white). We breed well-balanced cats in our home, so they can be part of yours.

Our cats are our babies, they are loved, and pampered and we consider them to be members of our family. Kittens live in the house with us “under foot” and we want the same once they join your home. As a small, boutique breeder, I aim to produce a sweet expression with soft, round lines.

The appeal of those large round eyes, set wide apart in a large round head contribute to the overall look and expression. We do take extra pride in specifically breeding for Pure Persian lines which we believe have retained that extra special docile and loving temperament that Persians are renowned for.

Stand Number: 112

Festival Specials

Place your name on a waiting list and you will receive a kitten pack and 6 weeks free pet insurance with your new kitten.