Fit ‘n’ Fun Cat Wheel is all about promoting fun fitness for indoor cats across Australia and New Zealand.

Keep your cat active and happy with Fit ‘n’ Fun’s Ferris Cat Wheel! Our wheel is the purrfect outlet for all kinds of cats: big and small, bored and restless, active and inactive. Not only does the Ferris Cat Wheel have a proven track record for safety, its stable base and wide track make it ideal for multi-cat households.

Stand Number: 510

Festival Specials

🛍️ Fit ‘n’ Fun Bundle: 30% off cat laser toy and pet treats (free mouse toy included)!

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New Product

The latest G5 Ferris Cat Wheel provides fun fitness for all cats: young and old, big and small, active and inactive. With its stable base, wide track, supportive EVA foam tiles, and sturdy materials, our wheel is one of the safest on the market, making it purrfect for multi-cat households!