KatiKDolls is a boutique Ragdoll cattery in North Sydney, managed by Katrina and Kim. Our breeding cats are selected from famous lineage all over the world. We aim to breed healthy and sweet Ragdolls.

Welcome to KatiKDolls, a boutique Ragdoll cattery located in North Sydney. The cattery is passionately cared for and maintained by Katrina and Kim. We’re proudly registered with NSW CFA, and all of our breeding cats are DNA tested, Negative for every known genetic defect. Ensuring you’re adopting a healthy and vibrant kitten. We are a cage-less cattery where our kittens grow in a warm, stimulating environment, free to explore and socialize within our homes. As we aim to breed and maintain high-quality standards, we selectively breed from renowned lineages, and source internationally every year. We breed both mitted and bicolor kittens, with or without lynx patterns, in the colors of seal, blue, flame, and tortie. At KatiKDolls, we don’t just breed kittens, we create little bundles of joy that are ready to light up your life with their irresistible charm and delightful nature.

Stand Number: 102

Festival Specials

For those interested in joining our waiting list, we have an exciting offer! During the Cat Lover Festival Event, we’re slashing the reservation fee by 50%, which is only $250 for joining the list. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to secure your place on our list!