The Best For Your Pet

The creators at Refuresh developed their line of Refureshing Brush to ensure a durable, innovative, and effective grooming experience for all pet owners!

Tried and tested by pet groomers, pet owners, and even farmers right here in Australia, you can rest assured the Refuresh is the best for your pet.

The Refuresh was built to withstand all conditions, with its rust-proof stainless-steel teeth, safety cover cap, and hard-wearing plastic structure.

Refuresh stands out from the crowd with its innovative vertical teeth structure, ergonomic adjustable comb head, and perforated ejector for easy disposal of loose fur.

The Refuresh creators genuinely care about pet health and are constantly trialling and evolving new technology to ensure they provide the safest and best quality products on the market.

Offering solutions for all pet owners from dogs to donkeys! This versatile tool can be used on many types of fur.

Stand Number: 646

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