American Burmese


The Burmese of American origin is a medium cat with substantial bone structure, good muscular development and a surprising weight for its size. This together with a rounded head, expressive eyes and a sweet expression presents a totally distinctive cat that is comparable to no other breed. Males are generally larger than females.


A friendly family cat often described as a “brick wrapped in silk,” a testament to their solid, muscular yet soft body.

Grooming and Physical Needs

Size: Compact and heavy build with developed muscles. Its feet don't look thin, and pads have the round form.

  • Grooming Needs: Requires little grooming.
  • Coat Type: Milky light brown fur with slightly darker face.
  • Moulting: Low ammount of shedding, easily manageable.
  • Exercise Needs: Very playful, which remains into adulthood, so imperative to spend time with them each day to tire out, distract, and bond properly with.
  • Average Life Span: 10-16 years
  • Healthcare: Can present with Burmese head defect, a craniofacial abnormality.


  • Family: The active and social Burmese is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs.
  • Temperament: Well-known Burmese temperament (energetic and friendly), bewitching sight and the grace of a panther
  • Trainability: Burmese are clever. Tease their mind with interactive toys, and teach them tricks that will allow them to show off for an audience.
  • Sociability (Other Pets): Very social with family members and other pets.
  • Meowing: Very talkative and chattery.


Information courtesy of the Feline Control Council Victoria Inc