Arabian Mau


Native domestic cat of the Arabian Peninsula and Arabian Gulf. It is believed to have been present in the area for 1,000 years.Ms Petra- Khadija Mueller conducted a 5 year study of the breed in the UAE / Dubai and in 2008 the Arabian Mau received breed recognition by the World Cat Federation (WCF).


Being medium-sized, the Arabian Mau has a firm body, well-developed muscles, long legs and oval shaped paws.

Grooming and Physical Needs

Size: Medium to large, varying in size.

  • Grooming Needs: Low Maintenance. Occasional grooming is advised to keep its coat in good shape.
  • Coat Type: Short and glossy, orange with stripes of deeper colour.
  • Moulting: Very little to no shedding occurs for Arabian Maus.
  • Exercise Needs: As playful as any cat, regular play sessions are greatly benefitial for health and bonding.
  • Average Life Span: 12-14 years
  • Healthcare: It doesn't have as many known illnesses and conditions as other cats.


  • Family: Good with kids and adults.
  • Temperament: Generally Arabian Mau cats have very loving temperaments. The main feature of this cat breed is their devotion, love and affection for the owner.
  • Trainability: Not overly receptive to tricks, but good with house training due to its attentiveness to owner.
  • Sociability (Other Pets): Well behaved with cat friendly dogs.
  • Meowing: It is known to be quiet.


Information courtesy of ANCAT