Spend more time with your cat and less time cleaning up after them. CatGenie Australia is the nation’s exclusive distributor of the CatGenie Self-Washing cat litter box – The ONLY cat litter box that does all of the dirty work for you…

The secret? Reusable granules. Unlike traditional cat litter that requires regular scooping, throwing out, and replacing, the CatGenie works with reusable granules that are thoroughly washed and dried for fresh use every time.

By this point, you’re probably wondering how the CatGenie works. Simply said, the CatGenie works like an appliance and flushes like a toilet! When your cat does the business and leaves, the CatGenie automatically scoops up your cat’s solids, and sends it where all waste should go – down the drain into sewer or septic systems to be properly treated, not stored in your home. Next, the CatGenie will thoroughly wash the granules with water and Vet-approved SaniSolution, and lastly, the unit will blow dry the granules leaving your cat’s toileting area clean and fresh.

To see the CatGenie in action, visit us at stall number 494! We encourage you to ask questions, feel the granules and smell the SaniSolution! We look forward to seeing you there!

Stand Number: 494