Black Hawk Pat-A-Cat


Victoria Pavilion


10.00am-4.00pm Daily

Meeting, interacting and connecting with a cat is one of life’s absolute joys.

Pat-A-Cat is always one of the most popular attractions at the Cat Lovers Festival and thanks to the awesome team at Black Hawk the feature will be expanded in 2024 with more beautiful cats, more pods and a much bigger space!

To see a list of some of the cat breeds appearing in the Black Hawk Pat-A-Cat zone from the Breed Showcase click here.


  • Eight (8) private cat pods are operating from 10am until 4pm each day.
  • You will be directed through the area with set times provided to spend with various cats. Demand is always high, so wait times are expected at busy times.
  • Visitors have around 10 minutes to meet with numerous cats and the handler will decide the level of interaction possible. Some cats will be napping in their crates, while others will be more confident and affectionate, and you may even meet some spritely kitties prancing about.
  • Cat welfare is always our priority so handlers will always be present and can also provide visitors with information about their breed and unique characteristics. If a cat becomes uncomfortable, we ask visitors to understand if a handler decides their cat should not be petted or needs time out.

Meeting & enjoying the unique company of feline friends has many human health and wellbeing benefits and why Black Hawk Pat-A-Cat will be one of the star attraction at the Sydney Cat Lovers Festival. It provides the purrfect opportunity to chill-out with some cool cats and enjoy some feel-good endorphins.

The full list of breeds attending Black Hawk Pat-A-Cat will be published closer to the Festival dates, with opportunities to learn more about the benefits of their range and even pick-up a free sample for your kitty. Click here to visit their website now.