3 Cat-tastic Festivals Around the World for Cat Lovers

Fluffy cat on sofa with festive items

Have you ever dreamt of combining your love for cats with travel? We’ve rounded up a list of the 3 most cat-tastic festival around the world for cat lovers just like you!

Events like these are the perfect way to meet fellow cat lovers and celebrate the love of all things feline.

Bakeneko Festival in Tokyo, Japan

Bakeneko Festival in Tokyo Japan.

Photo: Yu Fukasawa, TimeOut Japan

A Halloween festival with a twist, the Bakeneko Festival is one of the most popular cat-related festivals in Japan. The festival is held two weeks before Halloween and involves participants parading down the street, dressed as cats.

Bakenekos are supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, and this festival is a spooky combination of that with the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween.

Everyone is welcomed no matter their age, gender or nationality.

Meowfest in Vancouver, Canada

Meowfest participants.

Photo: Meowfest

Meowfest is a Canadian festival dedicated to all things feline. Loaded with unique attractions including food, fun, vendors offering anything from cat food, accessories, toys to art prints, face painting, music, workshops, and more – it’s a cat-stravaganza for feline enthusiasts to feast upon.

One of the festival’s unique selling points is its festive meet-and-greet sessions with celebrity cats, an exciting interactive opportunity for fans to interact with cats.. The festival also offers adoptable kittens, facilitating loving connections between people and their potential new furry friends.

Since 2018, the festival has successfully raised funds in support of animal shelters and rescue groups, with a total of $84,663 raised up till 2023.

Kattenstoet in Ypres, Belgium

Kattenstoet Festival.

Photo: Cedric Dubois, Flickr

Held once every three years in Belgium, the Kattenstoet had a dark history. This Festival of Cats started in medieval times when the cloth traders of Ypres brought cats in to control the rat population. With an abundance of prey, there were soon more cats than the city could handle, which resulted in the dark tradition of tossing cats off the belltower of the local church.

Fortunately, toy cats have now replaced this tradition, and people gather to celebrate cats by dressing in elaborate costumes every 2nd Sunday in May.

Cat Lovers Unite at the Cat Lovers Festival

These 3 unique international festivals are an a-meowzing way to celebrate our love of felines, but did you know that we have a cat festival right here in Australia?

It’s the biggest Cat Festival in the Southern Hemisphere, held in major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

You won’t want to miss these opportunities to connect with fellow cat lovers and be part of the action. Stay updated by following us on:

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