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Meet the Cat-training Legend – CATMANTOO

Heard of the cat-video-making guy who almost broke the internet? That guy, CATMANTOO, is coming to the Brisbane Cat Lovers Festival to teach us hoomans that it’s easier than we think to train cats and show us how to put a harness and leash on our furry friends and take them walkies! HARNESS and LEASH?! […]

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3 Cat-tastic Festivals Around the World for Cat Lovers

Kattenstoet Festival.

Have you ever dreamt of combining your love for cats with travel? We’ve rounded up a list of the 3 most cat-tastic festival around the world for cat lovers just like you! Events like these are the perfect way to meet fellow cat lovers and celebrate the love of all things feline. Bakeneko Festival in […]

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What You Should Know Before Adopting A Cat

Jackson Galaxy with a cat

The one and only Jackson Galaxy shares his tips on Cat adoption exclusively to the Cat Lovers Festival blog. Covering the financial, psychological and physical factors to consider, this blog is a fantastic read for any family looking to make the leap and adopt a Cat! If you are looking for a reason to adopt […]

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Everyday catwalk: how our feline friends inspire fashion trends

(image: @zappa_the_cat) From cat-eye to leopard print, the fashion world continues to take cues from cats. Our favourite four-legged trendsetters have long been a source of inspiration to fashionistas. And we love it! There’s plenty in common with felines and the snappily dressed. Those with an eye for style are often picky and selective, valuing […]

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Five rare Cat breeds to tick off your bucket list at this year’s Show

You’re no ordinary Cat lover: you know your Maine Coons from moggies, and your life goal is ‘To Pet All the Cats’. Well, take a seat because you’re about to fulfil your feline dreams and meet 30 of the world’s most sought-after breeds, face to face, at the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase at our […]

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Australia’s largest feline-focused festival returns to Melbourne in 2022

Picture of a smiling Girl holding a cat with Cat face paint on.

In 2021, Australians owned an estimated 4.9 million pet cats with a staggering 24% obtained during the pandemic. Today, pet ownership is up 8% since 2019 and companionship remains the top motivation for new cat owners*. With a new wave of passionate feline families in our midst, the return of the Melbourne Cat Lovers Festival […]

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The Kitty checklist: everything you need to welcome your new Cat

So, you’re about to have a new feline housemate? How exciting! While the Cat or Kitten you’re about to introduce to your home is unlikely to do the dishes, they’re more likely to excel in the cuteness department. And that’s purr-fect! But before the purring party can begin, there are a few essentials you’ll need […]

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Feline good: how wellness can do wonders for your purring companion

Cat Yoga

You’ve probably heard of wellness. These days, it’s a word that seems to pop up everywhere you go. But what does it mean? Wellness is the act of pursuing healthy behaviours that lead to greater physical and mental health. Exercise, nutrition, social connectedness, rest, and mindfulness all form the foundations of wellness. Basically, it’s all […]

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Welcome to The Jungle! How to bring the outdoor in, for your indoor cat.

We all love plants. Whether outdoor or indoor they bring such satisfaction into our lives! But what about those indoor Cats we all know and love? Are they dreaming of frolicking in fields, cosying up next to some colourful plant life or just looking to breathe some filtered air. Why not furnish those floorboards with […]

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Catch the extended early-bird deals to keep you purring!

We can barely contain our excitement for our new Cat Lovers Festival being held at the Royal Exhibition Building (Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September) as it will be the country’s very first feline focused festival! Over 10,000 passionate, high-spending feline-tragics are expected to attend to celebrate Cats like never before in Australia. Almost 40% […]

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