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Meet the Cat-training Legend – CATMANTOO

Heard of the cat-video-making guy who almost broke the internet? That guy, CATMANTOO, is coming to the Brisbane Cat Lovers Festival to teach us hoomans that it’s easier than we think to train cats and show us how to put a harness and leash on our furry friends and take them walkies! HARNESS and LEASH?! […]

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Cat Comfort Zone: Jackson Galaxy’s Guide to Designing a Secure Basecamp

For cat guardians, providing a safe and stimulating environment is crucial to ensuring our feline companions lead happy and healthy lives. In 30 years of working with cats, my concept of “basecamp” is a fundamental approach to achieving this. Read on to find out what basecamp entails and how it can create a harmonious home […]

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Keeping Your Indoor Cat Active: Tips for a Healthy and Happy Feline

Tabby cat with red collar looking out the window.

Many cat owners choose to keep their furry companions indoors for various reasons, such as safety concerns or living in apartments. While indoor living offers cats a protected environment, it’s essential to ensure they remain active and engaged to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s explore the importance of keeping your indoor cat active, […]

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Cat Behaviour: Understanding and Dealing with Common Issues

Grey cat sitting on keyboard.

Welcome to the fascinating world of cat behaviour! Cats, with their enchanting personalities, can sometimes exhibit behaviour issues that leave us wondering how to best address them. Curl up in a warm spot while we explore the most common behaviour issues in cats, understand the reasons behind these behaviours, and provide practical solutions to help […]

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Cat gadgets: keep your Kitty content with a touch of tech

  Pet-tech is changing the lives of our feline friends across the world. And no, we’re not talking about teleportation or mind-control. After all, most kitties seem to have mastered that anyway! Discover the best Cat Gadgets on the market! Feline-focussed technology isn’t rocket science. And your cat doesn’t need to be a computer whiz […]

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Feline good: how wellness can do wonders for your purring companion

Cat Yoga

You’ve probably heard of wellness. These days, it’s a word that seems to pop up everywhere you go. But what does it mean? Wellness is the act of pursuing healthy behaviours that lead to greater physical and mental health. Exercise, nutrition, social connectedness, rest, and mindfulness all form the foundations of wellness. Basically, it’s all […]

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Welcome to The Jungle! How to bring the outdoor in, for your indoor cat.

We all love plants. Whether outdoor or indoor they bring such satisfaction into our lives! But what about those indoor Cats we all know and love? Are they dreaming of frolicking in fields, cosying up next to some colourful plant life or just looking to breathe some filtered air. Why not furnish those floorboards with […]

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The Cat Plague has returned: how to protect your feline friend from contagious viruses

Recently, the RSPCA released a statement (read it here) outlining the return of a highly contagious feline virus that has spread across Victoria. The parvovirus affects rapidly dividing tissues and localises in the digestive system, resulting in bad cases of diarrhoea, fatigue, fever, weight loss, vomiting, and in some cases sudden death. Here are some […]

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