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What You Should Know Before Adopting A Cat

Jackson Galaxy with a cat

The one and only Jackson Galaxy shares his tips on Cat adoption exclusively to the Cat Lovers Festival blog. Covering the financial, psychological and physical factors to consider, this blog is a fantastic read for any family looking to make the leap and adopt a Cat! If you are looking for a reason to adopt […]

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Everyday catwalk: how our feline friends inspire fashion trends

(image: @zappa_the_cat) From cat-eye to leopard print, the fashion world continues to take cues from cats. Our favourite four-legged trendsetters have long been a source of inspiration to fashionistas. And we love it! There’s plenty in common with felines and the snappily dressed. Those with an eye for style are often picky and selective, valuing […]

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Five rare Cat breeds to tick off your bucket list at this year’s Show

You’re no ordinary Cat lover: you know your Maine Coons from moggies, and your life goal is ‘To Pet All the Cats’. Well, take a seat because you’re about to fulfil your feline dreams and meet 30 of the world’s most sought-after breeds, face to face, at the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase at our […]

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