Antinol® Pat-A-Cat


10.30am – 3.30pm daily.

Meeting, interacting and connecting with a cat is one of life’s absolute joys.

Always a highlight at any Cat Lovers Festival, Antinol® Pat-A-Cat was one of the most popular attractions at this year’s Festival!

Visitors enjoyed the unique company of feline friends, which has many human health and wellbeing benefits. Antinol® Pat-A-Cat is usually the star attraction at our Festivals, providing the purrfect opportunity for humans to release some feel-good endorphins.

Visitors had the opportunity to spend some quiet one-on-one time with some of the beautiful cats we had at the Festival from our Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase and WHISKAS Adoption Zones, with the owner/ handler there at all times providing trusted, reliable information on each kitty.

How Pat a Cat worked

  • There are five cat pods, open from 10.30am until 3.30pm each day.
  • Festival staff direct visitors through the area, and manage the time visitors spend with cats. Demand will be very high, so long wait times are expected at busy times.
  • Visitors have around 10 minutes to meet numerous cats and, subject to the handler’s permission, also pat and cuddle them.
  • Cat welfare is always paramount as we’re committed to ensuring no cat’s wellbeing is ever compromised in any way. Handlers will be close by at all times to protect each cat’s welfare, and provide visitors with trusted, reliable information about each breed. In the event that cats became uncomfortable in this foreign, busy environment, we ask visitors to understand if a handler decides a cat should not be petted.