Cat welfare is our number one priority so visitors are unable to bring their own Cats to the Festival.

Our Festivals offer a unique opportunity to meet literally hundreds of beautiful felines and we work hard to ensure this is under controlled conditions to ensure the safety and welfare of Cats and people.

We could never deliver this level of care to visitor Cats, especially as we expect thousands of people to attend. We would also need to test the behaviour of every Cat prior to entry and review their vaccination certificates, which would just not be possible. And of course, there is the issue of where to do their ‘business’ in an indoor venue, the smell/mess, how to clean it up, and the queues and frustration this would all create.

As a family-friendly event, the Festival welcomes a lot of kids and, as we all know, it is impossible to control the unpredictable nature of children (i.e. tail pulling and hug tackles!), so allowing visitor Cats would be just too dangerous.

So, for these reasons and our love and respect for our beloved Cats, we trust you understand our reasons behind the policy of not allowing visitor fur-kids into the Festival. The event is all abut educating, entertaining and inspiring Cat lovers, not Cats.

Please never leave your Cat in your car. If a visitor arrives with a Cat, the only option is to return home, drop the feline at home, and return to the Festiva.

Rest assured, there will be a large number of wonderful Cats to meet at the Festival. Your Cat will love you even more for attending as you’ll bring home all the latest goodies to reward them, as well as a greater understanding of what makes them happy and healthy!