Purrrfect Match Zone


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Purrrfect Match helped visitors find the most suitable Cat breed for their lifestyle and home.

If you wanted to find the purr-fect Kitty companion for you and your home, the journey started at the Purrrfect Match Zone!

Clear, large and easy-to-understand informational posters for each individual breed were designed to help visitors quickly and easily learn more about 50+ rare, popular and exotic cat breeds.

The posters provided practical information about each breed’s unique characteristics, including: breed co-dependence vs independence, indoor or outdoor suitability, ability to live well with other pets, energy levels, size, weight, maintenance, medical pre-dispositions, coat length, colours and even talkativeness!

Having completed your research into the ideal cat breed for you in the Purrrfect Match Zone, we urged visitors to head to the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase and the WHISKAS Adoption Zone where they could consult with knowledgeable breeders and representatives of leading adoption groups about the things they consider important to note when deciding on a fur-ever feline friend.