Breed Showcase


9.30am – 5.00pm Daily

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The Breed Showcase presented rare and well-known breeds to meet and learn more about.

Get up close and pawsonable with popular and rare cat breeds at the Breed Showcase – the largest gathering of cats in Australia! The country’s leading cat Associations and expert breeders will answer all your questions relating to cat behaviour, training, medical and personality traits, from kitten to adult, for each specific breed.

Gather trusted, reliable information on literally dozens of cats, from Australian National Cats (ANCATS), and the NSW Cat Fanciers Association (NSWCFA), all under one roof! Find out all you need to know about which cat breed best suits your lifestyle. Visitors may also meet a wide range of breeds at Pat-A-Cat, and have the opportunity to get to know each breed on a more personal level.

See below for a list of breeds represented in the Showcase at the Festival. For listings for each Breed Club, click here.

Americal CurlForeign WhitePersian
British ShorthairMaine CoonSiamese
Devon RexNorwegian Forest CatTonkinese
Exotic ShorthairOrientalToyger