We create beautiful,safe ,functional and exciting enclosures that make cats feel like they are just a little bit wild!!
Let us work with you to create a wild and wonderful feline safe environment

We understand that your cat would prefer to be wondering it’s territory and ensuring there are no intruders to his eminent domain. The truth is, outdoor cats live much shorter lives of other native Australian animals. You can have the best of both worlds, knowing your cat is happy and the wildlife is safe.

  • Professional design and construction of feline enclosures for protection and cat safety
  • Experience in creating enclosures for apartment balconies, home rentals, suburban blocks and rural estate environments
  • We co-design to meet your needs, in budget, size and style
  • Hammocks, rope bridges viewing platforms and / or scratching posts can be included
  • Preferred materials include catnets.com.au and traditional steel mesh enclosures with wooden or metal structural supports
  • Experience on designing removable enclosures for rental properties
  • Multi-cat breeding enclosures
  • Outstanding references

Stand Number: 306