DCH Animal Adoptions is a NSW-based non-profit animal rescue charity committed to the rescue and rehoming of unwanted and neglected domestic animals including dogs, cats and horses.

Four out of every five abandoned or neglected domestic pets rescued and/or rehomed by DCH are cats or kittens. Much like the Cat Lovers Festival, DCH celebrates the joy cats bring to human lives – whether they are energetically scooting up cat trees or human legs, dismissing other pets as beneath them, or cuddling up to their favourite humans. Since 2005, DCH volunteers rescue cats and kittens from certain death in Sydney’s pounds and shelters, and ensure they are provided with veterinary attention and foster care until a permanent and loving home is found. The foster care system benefits consumers and the rescued felines. By providing consumers with valuable information about the cat gained through the carer’s experiences in a home environment, we help match consumers with the right feline. The cats also benefit from being in a loving home environment until their permanent homes are found. For the love of cats and kittens, please visit the DCH stall at the Cat Lovers Festival.

Stand Number: 206