Here at Wild Valley Bengals we breed Show winning Bengals. We pride ourselves in the quality and temperament of our kittens.

Welcome to Wild Valley Bengals.
I am a registered breeder with NSWCFA Member number 126401.
Just a little bit about us, my husband David and I Barb both have a passion for animals and fast cars.
We are lucky to live in the beautiful Calderwood Valley NSW.
We got our first Bengal in 2020 and automatically fell in love with the breed and ever since then we’ve been fascinated with them.
We decided this year (2021) we would start our family run breeding program in hopes to produce the best temperaments in our kittens and aim to have the highest quality possible in our Bengals. I strive to be the best breeder I could possibly be.
We love all of beautiful bengals like they are our own children.

In our program we are aiming to produce beautiful browns, silver, snow and solids/ melanistic.

All our breeding cats have been health screened and are all clear of PRA-b (blindness) and PK Def (anemia) our Stud is HCM clear.

Stand Number: 530

Festival Specials

We offer amazing kitten packs that includes personalised, carry cage, harness, bowl, blanket and bowl.