The ZIWI difference means great-tasting nutrition in their bowl for a happier life, and more time for bonding with you.

Leading the world in pet food technology and nutrition.
Our mission is to deliver peak nutrition without compromise. We do this by crafting our foods in our New Zealand kitchens using only the best ingredients nature has to offer, and the best preparation methods available (or where we can’t find one, we create one!). This is where the best of nature meets the best of innovation.

Cats and dogs thrive on a whole prey, carnivorous diet, consuming whole animals to get their nutritional needs. That’s why our PeakPrey® recipes are crafted to be biologically appropriate. They contain unmatched, authentic inclusions and variety of highly digestible meat, organs, fish, green mussels, and bone.

Our farmers and fisheries work with animals from pure New Zealand land and sea, like free-range, grass-fed, ethically raised beef and lamb, local poultry, and wild-caught sustainable seafood. By buying ZIWI®, you’re supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices.

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