Five things a cat person should think about before they leave their cat home alone

Time and time again cats send you those not-so-subtle love and cuddle messages. When they move and sit right on top of your PC, or on your lap when you’re watching Married at First Sight. They are our divas and whilst we accept the fact that we have to leave them alone for long periods of time, it doesn’t mean we don’t think about them during the day.

Cat Lovers Festival HQ has put together the five reflections cat people have when leaving our cat behind to go to work:

1. Play area is on point

“Are the blinds open? The tele timer ready for Nessy’s favourite TV series in the arvo?”
Visual stimuli are important to keep your puss entertained and stop them feeling lonely. Whether it’s leaving the TV on, opening the blinds so your feline friend can enjoy the view can give you the peace of mind that your kitty is happy. In terms of toys: trees, bags, boxes (of course) and the famous ball of string can all help encourage the cat to stay physically active.


2. Did my furball do anything different this morning?

Cats are proud creatures, so when something is not right they can tend to put on a brave face. Channel your inner vet and mentally note if puss ate all their breakfast, are they as social as they normally are, have you needed to refill the water bowl more than usual the past few days, or are they not their usual chirpy/happy/grumpy selves?

It’s hard to keep track of things that happen when you’re in a rush. However, staying alert and acute to any faint changes can really help you tackle potential problems early.


3. My routine this morning didn’t change

Cat’s are similar to humans in that they tend to stick to routines. Because they are dependent on us, it’s even more important that we take that accountability. Whether it is feeding, grooming, cleaning or reordering the house before you leave them alone and go to work, maintaining routine helps alleviate any insecurities or anxieties they may have.


4. Would a feline friend be good for my kitty?

If you come home to things around the house strewn damaged or destroyed, or if your feline friend is very vocal when you leave – it could be an indication of a lonely cat. Whilst not every cat needs a companion, some do. Check out this article on more thoughts behind pairing up cats Our vets are on hand at the Cat Lovers Festival and it’s a great chance to ask the question!


5. Did they realise I even left?

Cats can be individualistic. Although you live together, you might get the feeling you are a cat-otel owner instead of best friends. Don’t feel this way, your cat loves you in their own way and will show affection differently – check out ways cats show their affection here

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