Feline good: how wellness can do wonders for your purring companion

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You’ve probably heard of wellness. These days, it’s a word that seems to pop up everywhere you go. But what does it mean?

Wellness is the act of pursuing healthy behaviours that lead to greater physical and mental health. Exercise, nutrition, social connectedness, rest, and mindfulness all form the foundations of wellness.

Basically, it’s all about excelling rather than existing.

But holistic health isn’t just for humans. Like us, your cat’s happiness connects to its health and wellbeing. Keeping your kitty mentally stimulated and physically active will help fulfil your feline friend.

If you’re looking to boost the wellbeing of your cat, we have a few fun and affordable tips to help you out.

Caring for your cat’s mind

Is there anything as fascinating (and sometimes confusing) as the mind of a cat? If you’ve ever wished you could get inside their minds, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty tricky. So, doing your bit to look after their brilliant brains is the best you can do.

Mental stimulation is a crucial component to your cat’s wellness. And your whiskered friend needs that stimulation to keep their mind sharp.

What we recommend

Cat products for their mind

A wonderful way to engage your kitty is through food. Treat dispensers like the Rufus & Coco Rock and Roll Toy can excite your cat’s mind and make sure they don’t overeat.

LickiMat’s Classic Clasper can also enrich feeding time for cats by mimicking what they might experience in the wild. The design helps your cat to eat in a crouched position, offering them a full view of their surroundings and reducing stress.

Laser lights will also excite your cat. And watching your little sidekick chasing the uncatchable will entertain! FroliCat’s Automatic Laser from PetStock does the work for you. And Rufus & Coco’s Rechargeable Laser Cat Toy allows you to spend time together and guide their play.

Interactive play between owner and cat will also help reduce boredom and keep any behavioural issues at bay.

Tending to your feline’s physical wellbeing

Just like the mind, your cat’s physical health is central to their wellness. Keeping your kitty active and fit will help them to maintain a healthy weight and a happy mind. It’ll also go a long way to fulfilling your cat’s natural instincts.

This is especially helpful if they spend plenty of time indoors. And ensuring your cat is mobile will also help minimise their stress and anxiety. Luckily, there are a few ways to assist you.

What we recommend

A simple method to get your kitty on the move is a walking harness. The stylish Catspia Harness from PetStock will help keep your pussycat  active.

If walking isn’t your cat’s cup of tea, play equipment could meet their needs too. Catworks’ range of play equipment provides an exciting escape for any cat seeking to climb and explore.

Additionally, The Cat Park offers a custom-built, urban oasis for cats in need of a nature fix. And it’ll keep them safe, happy, and healthy too.

Making sure your feline eats the right food is so important to their wellness. And nourishing them with healthy supplements can be hugely beneficial. HempPet Hemp Oil, by Number 1, is high in omegas three, six, and nine. It also aids healthy joint and heart function. Purr-fect!

Looking after your kitty’s spirit

The physical fitness and mental wellbeing of your kitty can be aided by spiritual health too. You can achieve this by ensuring your cat feels safe, stable, and connected to you.

Cat’s are such special creatures. Intelligent and independent beings, often they don’t reveal how they’re feeling. And sometimes, they’re unwell long before you start noticing any symptoms. Offering your furry friend an environment to thrive in will encourage their wellbeing and proactively tend to their overall health.

What we recommend

Lighting a candle can be incredibly relaxing, right? There’s just something about the flickering flame that seems to soothe. So, why not provide the same sensation for your cat? Kitty Kitchen’s Awaken Ritual Candle aims to uplift, restore, and revitalise your kitty’s joie de purr.

Did you know that cats can take part in yoga too? It’s true! Some yoga studios, such as HotSpot in Preston, offer classes for both you and your cat. And you can expect your cat to be pretty handy too. After all, they’re experts when it comes to stretching and mindfulness.

If your kitty is the type to become anxious or stressed, Number 1’s Vetalogica Hemp Treats help maintain calmness in cats. They can be used daily for situations like travel, separation, or environmental stress.

It doesn’t cost much to boost their wellness. So, giving your kitty all they need to live a full and flourishing life should be a no-brainer.

And maybe, just maybe, you might receive a few more loving nuzzles and cuddles for your efforts. But don’t hold us to that!

Oh, and where’s the best place to check out all the latest and greatest stuff to spoil your puss?
The 2022 Cat Lovers Festival of course and we’re always on the prowl for latest releases so please let us know if you find any cool cat products, services or tech!

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