Cat gadgets: keep your Kitty content with a touch of tech


Cat gadgets: keep your Kitty content with a touch of tech

Pet-tech is changing the lives of our feline friends across the world. And no, we’re not talking about teleportation or mind-control. After all, most kitties seem to have mastered that anyway! Discover the best Cat Gadgets on the market!

Feline-focussed technology isn’t rocket science. And your cat doesn’t need to be a computer whiz to benefit. In fact, with the right Cat gadgets caring for them is about to get a lot easier.

With a few bells and whistles for your whiskered sidekick, you can keep them entertained, happy, and (most importantly) healthy.

So, if you’re the type of fur-parent that likes to pamper your pussycat, you’re going to enjoy our little list of kitty tech. Let’s sniff out the latest gizmos!

Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air


Cat Gadgets: Automatic Litter-robot

We are not sending a Kitty to space, but something more amazing! We are putting your days of poop-scooping to an end. The genius Automatic Litter-Robot III automatically cleans itself after your kitty uses the box.

Complete with features such as sleep mode, automatic night light, and a nifty indicator to let you know when the drawer is full, this litter box is the cat’s pyjamas.

Odds are, it’s probably more advanced than the toilet you use! But your kitty deserves it.

Rufus & Coco Foldable Pet Carrier

Cat Gadets: Foldable Pet Carrier

Not all kitty carriers are created equal!

Luckily, your purring companion can travel in style and comfort with the Rufus & Coco Foldable Pet Carrier. This handy carrier makes sure your cat can be transported in a safe and comfortable environment. It sports a mesh side panel and carefully designed vents to maximise airflow.

And when it’s not being used to carry precious cargo, it folds down flat for compact storage. Purr-fect!

Sure PetCare’s feeders

Top Automatic Cat Feeders

The team at Sure PetCare are changing the game.

The Felaqua Connect bowl is a cat-friendly design that encourages your kitty to drink and provides you with insights into their drinking behaviour. By following your cats water consumption, you can track behavioural changes that might be linked to health problems.

With the Sure Petcare App on your smartphone, you can monitor every sip, swig, and slurp. The Felaqua refills from the reservoir as your cat hydrates and sends you a notification when it needs topping up.

Sure PetCare can also keep you on top of your kitty’s eating habits too. The MicroChip Pet Feeder is the smartest way to feed your feline. The sealed bowl can help with portion control, keeps pesky insects out, and can be linked to your cat’s microchip so only they can access their meal.

Catit Senses Wave Circuit

Catit Wave Circuit

We all like a techy toy, including your kitty cat.

The Catit Senses Wave Circuit is an elevated and twisting track for your cat to chase a moving ball. It features peek-a-boo gaps in the track so your curious kitty can catch its target.

And best of all, the track has over 100 possible layouts! You and your furry friend can try new challenges, keeping them entertained and engaged for hours on end.

Microchip Cat Door  

Microchip Cat Door

Cat flaps are great. But many cat-owners are familiar with their downfalls. Cats coming and going, other animals entering your home, and often they don’t even lock!

Thankfully, Sure PetCare’s Microchip Cat Door is the answer to many of the flabbergasting cat flap flaws.

The door can register up to 32 different microchips, granting access only to the kitties you choose. A manual lock prevents your cat leaving the house too. Now, that’s a door any tech-lover can admire!

Cat Cameras


Cat Gadgets: Petcube

Shutting the front door and leaving your beloved companion behind is never easy. Especially when they give you those “Puss in Boots” eyes.

The good news is, it’s possible to check in on your little housemate even when you’re not there. Today, there’s a number of cat cameras on the market with a variety of features.

It’s possible to talk to your kitty, shine laser toys, receive notifications, play music for them, and even deposit treats! Now that’s living!

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

“Where’s the cat?” Most cat-parents find themselves asking this question daily. But now there’s a quick answer!

Apple’s recently launched tracking device, AirTag, can be attached to everything from keys and wallets, to your furry friend who likes to disappear every now and then.

Long life battery, water-resistant, and customisable, AirTag can assist you to locate your kitty just by using your Apple device.

The future is now! 

Future Cat

Kitties have been happily purring away for centuries, long before cat gadgets revolutionised our lives.

But with technology constantly advancing, you can expect to see the pet-tech industry grow even larger and develop exciting, innovative products.

Keeping up to date with what’s out there can help your cat stay content, safe, and healthy. And every cat-owner wants that!

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