Five rare Cat breeds to tick off your bucket list at this year’s Show

You’re no ordinary Cat lover: you know your Maine Coons from moggies, and your life goal is ‘To Pet All the Cats’.

Well, take a seat because you’re about to fulfil your feline dreams and meet 30 of the world’s most sought-after breeds, face to face, at the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase at our biggest Show EVER. Here’s a small sample of the rare breeds you’ll tick off that bucket list…

Maine Coon

Being a cat afficionado, you already have the majestic Maine Coon on your radar. The B-double of Cats is long, ‘rectangular’, heavily boned, muscular, shaggy in coat and bushy of tail. Highly intelligent, it probably scoffs at being described as the ‘Dog of the Cat world’ owing to the fact it can be taught tricks, isn’t afraid of water, and meets & greets family in a friendly way at the front door. Very vocal, Maine Coons loudly purr, AND chirp and trill (probably protesting any comparisons with canines)!

Under those huge fluffy paws, there can be extra toes (aka polydactyl) earning them their other nickname: ‘the snowshoe cat’. Make a date to meet the larger-than-life-of-the-party at this year’s Cat fest.

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British Shorthair

If Maine Coons are the canines of the Cat world, then British Shorthairs, with their soft, plush fur coats and rounded bodies, are the Teddy Bears. Allowing for a little anthropomorphism (giving animals human traits), British Shorthairs are said to come across as slightly British in nature as well as name: a friendly yet no-nonsense sensibility about life; and a slight stand-offish-ness, turning up their nose at being carried or cuddled too much. We’re not sure how they take their tea (one lump or two).

Just don’t expect to get a rousing reception when you meet them in the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase: they have a quiet voice, used infrequently, and would prefer to sit next to rather than on you.

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Maine Coons jumped ship from England. British Shorthairs came from Rome. No prizes for guessing from where the first small, walnut brown Burmese Cat arrived in the USA! Spirited, playful and fearless, she’s been out of her silky shell ever since she hit the San Francisco shore. The Burmese is voted least likely to disappear into a quiet corner when kids, visitors, or other pets invade their space, and most likely to attempt feats beyond their means, landing on their sturdy little rear ends. All of this highlights an important point about their character: high-energy, they love learning tricks, and need daily play to tire them out.

Prepare to get a high-five from this one at the Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase!

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Don Sphynx (Donskoy)

Top marks for knowing this hairless, high-maintenance breed which comes in four colours: rubber bald, flocked, velour, and brush. Rubber balds are bald for life; flocked starts out yellowish and the coat may disappear as the dominant baldness gene takes over; the velours have a bald spot on the head with wiry, woolly body hair which mostly disappears after the first year; and brush coats cover the entire body, bar patches on the head, neck or back. Cat parents wipe down the Donskoys’ skin daily to get rid of skin oils, give weekly baths, apply sunscreen in summer, and cat coats in winter.

This breed is intelligent, trainable and social with all but fellow felines, and a sight to behold.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

The skogcatt is the original wild cat of Norway. Smart, independent and quiet, with an alert nature, they are large and athletic Cats who (get ready to call the fire brigade…) are climbers. Yep, they’ll find the highest point in the home and hang out there, so don’t put your Royal Doulton on the top shelf. At least the bushy tail will give it a dust up there!

They say if you’re looking for a lap Cat, keep walking: the Norwegian Forest will exchange a head butt or cheek rub for a scratch under the chin or behind the ear, but that’s where the affection usually ends, then it’s off to find a mouse or see what the dog’s up to.

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