Everyday catwalk: how our feline friends inspire fashion trends

(image: @zappa_the_cat)

From cat-eye to leopard print, the fashion world continues to take cues from cats.
Our favourite four-legged trendsetters have long been a source of inspiration to fashionistas.
And we love it!

There’s plenty in common with felines and the snappily dressed. Those with an eye for style are often picky and selective, valuing independence and uniqueness. Sound familiar?

Simply put, cats are chic!
So, it’s no wonder that some of the globe’s biggest brands tap into cat prints and paws, kitty faces and more!

Here are some of our favourite feline looks that you can wear…

Cat Crazed Magazine Spread - Cat Inspired Fashion Products

  1. Bamboozld Socks, from $16.95. Buy online here.
  2. Sparkle* Liscious Jewelery, from $16.50. Buy online here.
  3. Karl Lagerfeld, Maybelle Cat Shoulder Bag, from $264.00. Buy online here.
  4. Charlotte Olympia, Kitty Flat Velvet, from $549.00. Buy online here.
  5. Are You Kitten Me Face Mask, from $10. Buy online here.
  6. Kitty Kitchen Cat Studs, from $12.00. Buy online here.
  7. Cat Oodie, Wearable Hooded Blanket, from $109. Buy online here:
  8. Karl Lagerfeld, Ikonik Karl Choupette Jumper, from $278. Buy online here.
  9. Peter Alexander Climbing Cat Easy Pj Pant, from $69.95. Buy online here.

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