We are breeders of the wild looking Bengal Cat. We breed all colours and patterns with outstanding temperaments that align with the Breed Standard.

We are three Bengal lovers who have over 25 years experience between us and we have joined forces to breed and show these exceptionally active and unique cats. We love the wild look and dog like characteristics. They are easily trainable, a lot of them love water, going for a walk around the neighborhood or playing fetch. Bengals provide the purrfect opportunity to have a wild cat in your own home with the temperament of a domestic cat.

We breed snows, browns, silvers and Melanistic in charcoal, spotted, rosetted and marble. Come along and see the rare Melanistic that looks like a panther; Have a cuddle with one of the kittens and see if a Bengal is the right fit for you.

Stand Number: 340

Festival Specials

An expansive kitten pack with bonus goodies with each Bengal Kitten.

These packs are available for sale on the day. Free gift with every pack sold at the Festival.