Catlovers Scratchers are known for Affordable Quality, Stable, Durable & Practical designs for your cat/s ultimate indoor living experience.

Catlovers Scratchers are not just another scratching post or play gym your cat won’t use. Each design is carefully & thoughtfully designed & manufactured to be practical & suitable for cats of all ages & sizes & built to endure even the most energetic of cats.
To ensure your kitty years of happiness, confidence & comfort, while also saving your furniture, it is essential to invest in a quality scratching post or play gym. Catlovers Scratchers are uniquely made from solid untreated pine posts that can be re-roped or re-wrapped making them a very cost effective & solid investment for your kitty that won’t look out of place in your lounge room. Not to mention, no frustrating assembly required, as all designs come fully assembled.
Whether your cat is an agile athlete or a sun-loving lay about, Catlovers Scratchers has the design to stimulate & engage your kitty’s need to scratch, stretch, climb & play.
Come talk to someone who has over 10 years experience in design & manufacturing.

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