Chaynikoty Siberian Cats specialise in breeding happy, healthy and affectionate traditional Siberian Cats.
Siberians are known for being hypoallergenic - the perfect cat for allergy sufferers.

If you are visiting the Cat Lovers Festival, then seeing a SIBERIAN is a must!

Yes, they are stunning cats but the Siberian is so much more. Siberians are very “dog like”, they are personable and want to be near their owners. They enjoy the company of children, dogs, and other animals but will also be quite happy as an only child. They are fearless yet easy going, they are bold, confident and charismatic. They are curios, playful and entertaining… yet, have a natural calm about them. Many are tuned in to their humans and will present themselves if they see a need for psychological or moral support.
It’s hard to explain, but once you share life with a Siberian you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one, or two, or……

Why not stop by our ‘pad’, (booth 138) at the Cat Lovers Festival and see these majestic Siberian cats in furson, we will be hanging out with a few of our girls, Frankie, William and JuJu and some delightful little kittens that will just melt your heart.

Stand Number: 138

Festival Specials

If you purchase a kitten after visiting our booth at the Cat Lovers Festival you will receive a free litter tray with litter. Just mention Cat Lovers Festival