The COMPETIBLE, Friends Furr-ever app connects pet seekers with loving animals for adoption, fostering or purchase from trusted breeders.

We simply LOVE animals and we know the joy they bring to our household.

COMPETIBLE’s mission is to connect pet lovers like us with the PURRFECT new pet. We want to:

– Increase rehoming rates.
– Reduce abandon/shelter rates.
– Reduce euthanasia rates.
– Give every fur-friend the opportunity to live their best possible life.

We have a very simple goal. Improve the rate of rehoming abondonded or sheltered animals.

We want to give as many animals a second lease on life as we help match them with their forever owner (Yes, that’s you!!).

There is absolutely no reason why we need shelters to euthanise animals if we can improve rehoming rates by carefully matching owners with their purrfect pets.

We want our APP to make the management of your purrfect pet SO EASY that there is no need to surrender or abandon them.

Stand Number: 640