Looking for the Purrfect Companion? Consider a Persian or Exotic

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These beautiful breeds aren’t just stunning to look at, they boast delightful personalities too:

* *Sweet & Gentle:* Whether you’re looking for a cuddly lap cat or a calming presence, Persians and Exotics are known for their affectionate and laid-back nature.

* *Playful Kittens, Sedate Adults:* While kittens are full of energy, once mature, they settle into a relaxed, indoor lifestyle.

* *Quiet Companions:* Enjoy peace and quiet? These breeds typically have soft meows, and won’t climb on the kitchen bench-top or cupboards making them ideal for apartment living.

* *Family-Friendly:* Happy to snooze while you’re out and then join in family activities when you’re home, they make wonderful companions for all ages.

* *Independent, Confident yet Affectionate:* Content with their own company but adore your attention, they’re happy with toys, scratching posts, comfy beds, and sunny spots.

Stand Number: 538

Festival Specials

Free 2.5kg bag of Tofu Cat Litter Australia for each kitten adopted.