Australasia's most prominent breeder of exceptional quality Abyssinian Kittens. Specializing in all colors: Tawny, Cinnamon, Blue and the rarest Fawn Kittens. All kittens raised "in home under foot".

Osiris (V) Abyssinians has been a breeder of exceptional Abyssinians for more than a combined 40 years. We have exported both pet/show and breeding kittens all over the world and have breeding Abyssinians in some of the world’s best Abyssinian Catteries. Osiris (V) is the first cattery to have had an Abyssinian Kitten receive the American Cat Fancy’s 2018-2019 World’s Best 100 Felines Award. The first Australian born and raised Tawny Male Abyssinian and the first ever Abyssinian Feline to be awarded CFA’s Number 1 of 100 Top Felines in the World. We also were fortunate to also have a Tawny Female Abyssinian place 6th of 100 by the same CFA Association. We are a registered breeder with the Queensland Morton Bay Council and the Queensland Independant Cat Council. We breed and hand raise exceptional quality Abyssinian Kittens both as Pet/Show and Breeding Kittens.

“What’s Better than an Aby Kitten….. Why Two Aby Kittens of course!!”

Stand Number: 546

Festival Specials

For registered reservation upon pick up or transport of your kitten,
Royal Canin Kitten Pack
Advance Kitten Pack
6 months flea, tic and all wormer
Feathered Cat Teaser
Soft Wool Cat Toy