In the heart of our rescue, a dedicated team of animal lovers came together with a shared vision – to create a safe haven for cats, kittens and neonates facing adversity.

Welcome to Pawprint Foundation Ltd where our passion for the tiniest and most vulnerable creatures fuels our commitment to saving and nurturing cats, kittens and our smallest neonates in need. Our story is one of compassion, resilience, and the unwavering belief that every life, deserves to thrive.

Our journey began with the realisation that despite their size, cats, kittens and neonates deserve a chance to thrive in a world filled with love and compassion.

Our mission is to establish a haven where cats can heal—both physically and emotionally—and ultimately secure loving forever homes. Through our comprehensive cat rescue program, we aim to provide a safe sanctuary, ensuring they receive the warmth, nourishment, and essential medical attention needed to thrive.

Whether you are considering adoption, volunteering your time and skills, or supporting our cause, your involvement makes a significant impact on the lives of cats, kittens and our smallest neonates.

Stand Number: 232