Modular innovative design, eco-friendly, cat approved wall meow-nted cat climbers. Cat furniture you won't want to hide!

Our sleek and modular Cat Climbers are designed to give cats an increased indoor surface area, allowing them to indulge in their natural behaviours – climbing, scratching, exercising, playing, and napping – all without compromising your sense of style.

Finally, you can now free up floor space from the oversized cat trees and beds!

Crafted from felt made from 100% recycled PET bottles and metal wall brackets, these patented cat climbers are sustainable and built to withstand extended wear and tear. And the modular design allows easy configuration to suit any space, providing endless possibilities.

These cat-tested and approved climbers offer functionality and fun for your feline companions. Best of all, they’re easy to install, allowing you to create a vertical indoor cat playground in no time! You can think of Pryde Wall Meow-nted Cat Climbers as very, very functional wall art.

Stand Number: 352

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Cat furniture you won’t want to hide!! Modular innovative design, eco-friendly, cat approved wall meow-nted climbers. Be one of the first to get your paws on a set!