We are always available 24/7 and do our very best to always help but can only do that with people becoming foster carers for the animals until they find their furever after homes.

Even though our charity works with animals and children, this weekend is just concentrating on fur kids and especially that of the feline variety

For those fur babies out there in society, to be able to socialise and rehome those special little street cats that are constantly persecuted, and then to be able to place them all into loving and caring homes. These little street cats, make the most beautiful companions once socialised, but often just take a little longer as they are mostly used to people not being very kind hence why our charity endeavor to rescue, rehabilitate, full vet work and rehome.

Animal Rescue is never an easy field, but with everyone’s help, support and contribution, we can all give hope to these darlings.

We are a registered charity with DGR status, so any donation of over $2 is tax deductible and our charity will issue you with a tax receipt

Stand Number: 204