At Trouble & Trix we realise that it’s an endless quest to win a cat’s affection but, as you know, that’s half the fun. Trouble & Trix is the ideal brand to get your cat started on the right paw.

Trouble & Trix is the go-to brand for cat enthusiasts. We understand the ins and outs of cats and recognize the never-ending pursuit of earning their affection, which is half the excitement. Our extensive range of kitty litter sets us apart, catering to kittens and adult cats while ensuring optimal odour control for your home.

Discover your perfect litter match effortlessly with our new Litter Finder tool, designed to help you find the ideal fit for your feline friend. In addition to the top-notch kitty litter offerings, we provide a fun array of interactive cat toys and delectable meaty treats to keep your furry companion entertained and satisfied.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Trouble & Trix at the Cat Lovers Show, where you can score freebies and engage with our cat-obsessed and friendly staff. They’ll be thrilled to discuss your cat and share their expertise.

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New Product

Trouble & Trix is committed to assisting cat owners in discovering the ideal litter match through the innovative Trouble & Trix Litter Finder tool. Once a match has been found, cat owners will have the opportunity to witness its effectiveness and receive a complimentary bag to bring home.