How well do you know your cat?
Not always as well as we think.
WellCat offers a select range of veterinary and cat-approved products.
Let WellCat help you help your cat.
Your cat will thank you.

How well do you know your cat?
There are things that we do every day that can upset our cats, like feeding them from a bowl.
Cats have certain needs, certain freedoms to live a fulfilled life, that we are not always aware of.
Because cats are not human.
They are better.
Let WellCat help you help your cat.

At WellCat:
We keep things simple: Cats live simple lives, and so should we. The choices we face for our cats can be overwhelming. We have a select range of veterinary-approved products that we know will help your cat – ones we use ourselves.

We Inform: We don’t just sell to you….we explain how each item helps your cat. From food to preventatives, to supplements, we offer advice on how, when, and why to use it, and give tips to make it easier as well.

We Listen: We like to listen. Unlike our cats. We want your feedback so we can help you help your cat…and aim to make it easy to do so. We value your opinions, worries, and special requests. Just let us know.

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New Product

WellCat is born! After a long gestation, WellCat will be taking its first brave steps into the world at the Brisbane Cat Lovers Expo. Come and say meow, have a chat, have a play, and let us know who we can “help you help your cat”.