I help cat parents relieve their cat's stress, aggression and anxiety by using vibrational therapies to balance their cat's mind and body.

Our Feline Flower essence blends help cats who are stressed, anxious, aggressive, timid, who need support to get along with other cats, or as they age or grieve from loss, trauma or abuse and cats who are toileting outside of the litter tray.

Our Feline Shell & Coral essence blends help cats with acute or prolonged anxiety, aggression and insecurity.

Our NEW Feline Colour Vibration essences using the healing power of colour to relieve a range of social and behavioural issues and are subtle but effective.

Our essence blends are safe, easy to use and effective in providing relief and balance for common issues cats experience. As a at parent you can proactively assist your cat to be well and find balance and harmony in their mind and body.

Simply add the drops to your cat’s drinking water or to a grooming brush and gently brush through their coat. Drops can also be applied by patting them gently into your cat’s coat.

Stand Number: 374