New brand and materials of cat litter first come to Australia. Let's get the PAWTIE start!

Natural Ingredients for Purr-fect Respiratory Health:
Our plant millet cat litter is carefully chosen, dried at high temperatures, and meticulously dust-free. Revel in the fresh aroma with no dust, ensuring your cat’s respiratory health for the long haul.

Eradicate Odors the Natural Way:
Harness the power of natural active plant enzymes to conquer and decompose odors. Bid farewell to nasty smells from litter boxes and enjoy a home that smells as fresh as a daisy.

Flushable and Eco-Friendly:
Made from pure millet plant materials, our cat litter dissolves in water, making toilet flushing a breeze. No more worries about blockages, plus you’ll be cutting down on cleaning time, all while being environmentally conscious.

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